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Simdean awarded major contract for ground-breaking anaerobic digestion plant in the Republic of Ireland

Posted: 22/02/2018
Author: Simdean
Category: Waste Recovery and Recycling Industries

One of the UK’s foremost environmental engineering specialists, Simdean has been contracted to design, manufacture and install the odour control system for a Donegal AD plant, due for delivery in September.

The system is capable of treating approximately 24,000 m3/h of contaminated air, and it will constitute two wet scrubbers followed by a carbon adsorber for final polishing of the air prior to exhaust to atmosphere. These two scrubbers will remove ammonia, amines and other alkali-based VOC, together with any hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans and acidic-based VOCs. The carbon adsorber will be used to remove any non-soluble VOCs present in the gas stream. The system incorporates a range of inlet ducting, combining both general building ventilation and direct process equipment extraction.

Speaking about the contract, Simdean Director Nick Carter said,
“We are delighted to be part of this innovative project, which recognises Simdean’s long history of problem-solving engineering technology alongside our pioneering work at the forefront of circular economy developments in the waste industry.”

For more information about Simdean’s VOC and odour control systems and projects, please contact us.

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