Pollution control engineering
Gas and chemical waste treatment

Waste Transfer Station and Baling Operation, Newry, Northern Ireland

Client: Regen Plastics, Newry
Location: Newry, Northern Ireland
Project: New odour control system with control panel, PLC and HMI touch screen

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This plant is a waste transfer station that bales waste before it is shipped out of the factory. Simdean were asked to design a system that would remove the odour from the extraction gases coming from the waste transfer building.

The system

The overall system was designed by Simdean for a volume flow rate of 60,000 m3/h that could, if required, be increased to a maximum of 75,000 m3/h.

The client supplied a reverse jet cartridge filter, carbon adsorber vessels to Simdean’s design, a control panel to Simdean’s design and an installation team supervised by Simdean personnel.

All other aspects of the project were supplied by Simdean:

  • Ductwork
  • Supervision of Optiflo erection
  • Fans and variable speed drives
  • Design of internal containers for adsorbers
  • Overall design of control panel
  • Supply of PLCS and HMI screens and inverters for control panel
  • Main exhaust stack

The exhaust stack from the system’s two adsorbers had to be single, unsupported and 19m high. Simdean designed both the stack itself and the structural work needed for its foundations.


After installation by the client (under instruction from ourselves) we undertook the commissioning of the plant.