Pollution control engineering
Gas and chemical waste treatment


A process with the potential to transform the waste elimination industry through safe, clean technology and zero discharge principles.

Increasing awareness of the environmental damage caused by industrial processes and tougher environmental legislation have forced companies to take much more responsibility for managing the risks that accompany the use of all types of chemicals. The safe elimination of hazardous liquid and gaseous waste is one of the top issues on today’s environmental agenda.

The problems associated with traditional methods of treatment – landfill and incineration – are too well known to warrant repeating here in detail (soil and atmospheric pollution, a negative impact on the quality of underground water sources). To date, reliance on these highly unsatisfactory processes could not be avoided – but now an alternative technology exists that can be quickly incorporated into existing production lines to deliver immediate benefits not only to the environment but also to the bottom line.

With our plasma system, it’s not just hazardous chemical waste that’s eliminated – it’s also all of the environmental problems that accompany landfill and incineration.